Can lying to parent be justified

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Can lying to parent be justified

Here are some of those ways: We use deception to keep secrets — like when we are trying to throw a surprise birthday party for our child. We use deception in games — we fake passes in football and basketball, we try to deceive our opponent in chess, and we try to either pretend we have a strong hand in Poker or a weak one whichever is to our advantage.

Can lying to parent be justified

We tell lies or half-truths to show love — we thank people for singing at church even if the song was not so great. We use deception to keep ourselves safe — we instruct our children to never tell a stranger that they are home alone even if they are.

We also see situations in the Bible where lying either seems to be praised or, at least not condemned as wrong. Here are some examples: In 1 Samuel These are a few examples of where lying seems to be okay in the Bible.

But why is this so? The Bible clearly tells us that lying is wrong. Why would it seem okay in some situations and is it okay for us?

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I believe that Bruce Waltke in his commentary on Joshua found in The New Bible Commentary has helpful words to give us clarity on this topic. He writes concerning Joshua 2 and Rahab: Reconnaissance, espionage, and deception are necessary in war, even holy war see 1; Jdg 7: She clandestinely let the spies escape and instructed them how to avoid detection by hiding in the mountains pitted with caves to the west of the city—the opposite of what might be expected by a posse 16— The deceptions by Joshua and Rahab raise eyebrows.

How can they be a legitimate part of holy war? Indirect analogies of situations where deception and disinformation are right and necessary may help. Hunters use traps and blinds; fishermen, lures and bait.

In sport, players will often try to trick their opponents by putting spin on a ball or adopting deceptive postures. God was kind to the midwives for deceiving Pharaoh Ex. In all these situations we do not accuse the participants of acting according to the unethical principle that a right end justifies a wrong means.

Rather, we recognize that in such situations deception is legitimate, not wrong.There are always eyebrow-raising things people say to those with cancer and/or their families. Maybe not everyone would find each of the comments listed below to be offensive but they’ve been submitted by readers as ones they wish they hadn’t heard.

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