Dinner with friends

All these events were unique, one of a kind. They were incredible dinners, of course. The most glittering stars of gastronomy took their place behind our stoves:

Dinner with friends

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It helps that Mr. Margulies did his own adaptation, although, it appears to this viewer, the stage version was more satisfying. Not that there's anything wrong with the film, it's just that the cast in the play was far superior than these well intentioned actors we see in the movie.

Margulies has tried to open his play, but it just doesn't go anywhere.

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The basic premise, and a caveat to good friends, is to stay away from "fixing up" prospective marriage partners, as things in life are a bit more complicated than a good ending in a book, a play, a movie, or human relations. Karen and Gabe are happily married.

They conjure to arrange a meeting with Beth, a painter, and Tom, a lawyer. Basically, the idea of having mutual friends meet one another, might not be bad, but in reality things should Dinner with friends let alone and let nature takes its course.

The bright idea back fires on Karen, who, upon hearing at the beginning of the film that her best friend, Beth, is divorcing Tom, is visibly upset.

She feels betrayed by these two people she was instrumental in bringing together. It's hard for both, Gabe and Karen, to think where they went wrong in their match making roles. They never take into consideration that Beth is totally wrong for Tom, and vice versa.

The problem is that this couple don't think that Beth and Tom have found new partners in what appears to be a much solid relationships than what they had together. Karen and Gabe are crushed, but in reality, not everything is perfect in their own marriage.

We get hints that yes, they are not completely happy, but they have decided to stay in the marriage out of decency and out of duty to their two boys, which is what Beth and Tom have failed to do.

Call them old fashioned, but one has to give Karen and Gabe a lot of credit for at least trying to stay together as a family. Andie MacDowell is Karen; she is a beautiful woman. In the movie, Ms. MacDowell appears a bit distant. She loved to bring people together and resents their friends separation.

MacDowell's Karen comes across as a hard and judgmental person. Dennis Quaid tries hard to give Gabe warmth. Perhaps he comes across as the best of the four principals. Toni Collette's Beth is an enigma until her confrontation with Karen at the restaurant, then, we see a woman that is not shy in telling her best friend off as she embarks in a new relationship.

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Greg Kinnear is Tom. He is perhaps the weakest link in the quartet, as he is perhaps, not treated fairly by Karen, or Gabe. The movie remains a bit theatrical, but Norman Jewison has done wonders with the material. Was this review helpful to you?Aug 11,  · Watch video · Directed by Norman Jewison.

With Dennis Quaid, Andie MacDowell, Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette. A husband and wife reevaluate their marriage after their closest friends, another couple decide to split up after twelve years/10(K).

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Dinner with friends

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Donald Margulies adapted the teleplay of the made-for-cable movie Dinner With Friends from his own Pulitzer Prize- winning stage play.

Filmed in New York City and Malibu, CA, this is the saga of.

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