Indian youth unemployed or unemployable

December 22, Unemployment has been one of the biggest challenges plaguing the global economy.

Indian youth unemployed or unemployable

By Chris Berg Updated October 07, The cost of military action always seems to be a second-order issue for governments making a decision to go to war.

Indian youth unemployed or unemployable

Defence Force The mundane reality is that military intervention in Iraq is a public policy decision like any other and has to be paid for with scarce funds.

That's a conversation we need to have, writes Chris Berg. On Tuesday morning Prime Minister Tony Abbott categorically ruled out introducing new taxes to pay for Australian participation in the third Iraq war. But the episode - sparked by Finance Minister Mathias Cormann's refusal to rule out such a tax over the weekend - demonstrates one thing clearly.

Despite the Abbott Government's turn towards national security and foreign policy, it just can't get away from its budget problems. Abbott has suggested the mission might cost Australian taxpayers about half a billion dollars per year.

David Johnston, the Defence Minister, says the mission will last many months. Let's take both those guesses with a grain of salt. The cost of military action always blows out. John Howard thought the war would last at most several months. And for all its follies, the original invasion of Iraq had relatively clear goals - overturn the Baathist regime and install a democratic government.

By contrast, this war's goals are as open-ended and obtuse as they come. Pressed to give some indication of how the Government will measure its success, all Abbott could say was when the Islamic State is " in retreat, not in advance ".

The Australian Government is talking about months, but British prime minister David Cameron is talking about years of war against the Islamic State. Another big difference between and today: Howard had a budget surplus. Abbott has a deficit, a deteriorating economy, an unpredictable senate, and an unfulfilled election promise to return the budget into the black.

Joe Hockey has been trying to manage expectations as he prepares for December's mid-year economic and fiscal outlook statement. Yet the cost of military action always seems to be a second-order issue for governments making a decision to go to war.

Financial issues always take a back seat to loftier visions about foreign policy and the role of Australia in the world, to humanitarian concerns and the stability of the geopolitical order, to questions of morality and casualties.

Can we really afford to go to war? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

But the mundane reality is that military intervention is a public policy decision like any other and has to be paid for with scarce funds.

Even in peacetime defence is a notorious money sink. The Australian Auditor-General regularly lashes defence procurement processes for poor, over-budget delivery. A few years ago in The Drum I noted that one of those projects to have gone 20 per cent over budget was a logistics system specifically designed to reduce waste.

The high financial cost of warfare has been one of the great drivers of human history.

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Indeed, liberal democracy itself was built in the shadow of war finance. Tudor and Stuart kings found themselves reluctantly asking parliament for more taxation in order to fight on the European continent. Parliament used these opportunities to eke out more power relative to the monarchy.

The First World War gave Australia the federal income tax. This was an innovation post-war politicians were happy to retain once hostilities were over.

Between the wars the reparations scheme imposed on Germany to pay for Allied war debts sparked the rise of Nazism. In WWII Western governments introduced income tax withholding - a neat little innovation that obscured how much tax the government takes.Dec 18,  · Best Answer: Unemployment is India is not the Government's failure alone.

The Government can create 50, jobs each day!

Indian youth unemployed or unemployable

This is the rate at which our population is growing! Second cause for unemployment in India is the will not to work. Dignity of labour is not a reality. Sometimes jobs are refused just Status: Resolved. we should banned african people coming to australia and tell the governement to stop asylum seeker coming to this country.

this country belong to the european and britain we protest and tell jullia Guilard to banned african,sudanese,muslim,sri lanka, and indian. To search ONLY the page you are now reading, use Ctrl + F to open a search window.

Search the online classifieds at Gumtree to find paid and unpaid full-time, part-time or summer internships in South Africa to get the training and experience you need to excel in your field. NOTE: The Appendix to the Nielsen Task Force report on the Canada Assistance Plan is reproduced below.

It's an insider's perspective on the birth of CAP and the program's first 20 years, and it's one of the more comprehensive chronicles I've seen. SA’s youth a time bomb: Here are some interesting statistics regarding the youth, their numbers and their unemployment which may interest some readers.

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