Macbeths letter essay

First of all, the three witches.

Macbeths letter essay

The story is supposed to be a stereotypical, a reactionary of the medieval times where men would have the dominant role over women. In this case, it seems to be true in the beginning and as it proceeds through the story.

But somehow, it switches and the turning point would be established there when Macbeth becomes independent and takes all matter into his own hands leaving Lady Macbeth stranded, as these two very important characters develop throughout the whole story.

The way Macbeth is developed is dependent on Lady Macbeth influences and how he reacts to it.

Conclusion analysis

This best describes him as a noble warrior and a loyal subject to Duncan, king of Scotland. He remains to be what has been described of him but when he encounters the witches, his characteristics begin to change.

This encounter with the witches when they spoke of the prophecies that will happen to Macbeth and this triggers the bad side of him, which begins to develop slowly. And so this is the beginning where Macbeth starts to change, moving from this loyal and noble warrior to an ambitious but weary man.

He is surrounded with suspicion as he begins to plot something sinister but he is weak as he lets temptations overcome him. The play shows how his symptoms, develop throughout the play until there is no hope of a cure and so the man has to die. This summarises of what is happening and will happen to these characters.

Lady Macbeth at this point has read the letter and she understands her husband very well and she knows that he has great ambitions, but she knows he is a honourable person.

She knows she will have to urge her husband on to become king, and she calls for evil spirits to help her. Macbeth seems to be glad that his wife is taking control and the responsibility and so it appears that she has the dominant role. He seems to understand that murdering the king would be a crime that must be punished as the king is Gods appointed one on Earth and murdering the king would be questioning Gods judgement.

These are profound reasons that intervenes his ambition, If he was not a kinsmen, subject and host to defend Duncan, it would be a huge sin to kill him rather than harm him. And to be more than what you were, you would be so much more than the man.

Nor time, nor place did then adhere, and yet you would make both.

Macbeths letter essay

He yields and is persuaded by her encouragement, which suggest Macbeth is weak, and not as strong as she is mentally and so Macbeth agrees to murder his king. This confirms that the dominant character would be Lady Macbeth as she is psychologically stronger, and Macbeth submits to her guidance.

Lady Macbeth has become a bad influence to her husband but she will do anything to get in her own way. Macbeth still petrified by the wrath of his wife as he shows signs of stress and the imminent crime waiting for him, as he speaks few words when he replies to Banquo in the courtyard.

It could be either way and is not revealed in the story. This is a good use of language as it lets the reader know that death awaits Duncan.

After the murder, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth react differently to it. Macbeth is disgusted and horrified to think of what he has done as he emerges from the murder and Lady Macbeth greets him and Macbeth has proven that he is a man to her.

While Lady Macbeth is bold and confident, because she does not understand that the deed is morally wrong and her only concern is to destroy the evidence which Macbeth carries with him. I would thou couldst. Macbeth is increasingly becoming more independent as he begins to take everything into his own hands while Lady Macbeth is beginning to show signs of strain.

Duncan is in his grave. He wishes he could be like Duncan and be dead, so there are worries rather than be alive and have worries. He alarms his wife by conjuring up an atmosphere of evil and he seems to enjoy his dreadful imaginings jut like he did when he went to murder Duncan.

But this is a mistake, as this is the beginning of the break in their relationship as he begins to move away from Lady Macbeth and be independent.The letter ‘I’ gets repeated 4 times.

The purpose of this is to tell the readers how Macbeth is feeling and no one else, another of its purpose is to show that Macbeth is saying it which he is saying is more exact and that no one else is saying it. I am writing to you as I know that you will keep the contents of this letter a secret.

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Lady Macbeth Essay. In Act 1 Scene 5 Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are very close he addresses her in the letter as, ‘my dearest partner of greatness’ Lady Macbeth is keen to see Macbeth to discuss the murder with him, but fears he is, ‘too full of’ the milk of human kindness’.

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