Pywikipediabot re write a sentence

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Pywikipediabot re write a sentence

While having no example handy, I'm also pretty confident that, word-like pronunciation vs. But he cannot say: So we need a different indication of speech patterns for abbreviations and acronyms. At this moment we do not support pronunciations at all.

Thanks -- Moyogo Can somebody use this, so we can mark the type of the mandarin words using the Annotations? May we have its right name in the UI, please? Google for it and the difference is glaring.

Wikipedia reports Piedmontesewhile also quoting the italian name, and the ethnologue record has possibly been written by italian speakers. From wordnet which has no reports on "piemontese" whatsoever "Piedmontese" has: Piedmont, Piemonte -- the region of northwestern Italy; includes the Po valley end quotation Piemonte is an italian toponim, the native variant being Piemont.

Now, our planet's climate is surely not going to be finally spoiled just because of a small mispelling, but I'd like to see it either written in its native form or in english: Anyway, ISO and Ethnologue do say the same piemontese, that is.

English dictionaries usually do not. So it's probably something that happened during the classification: Possibly someone simply mispelled the entry New features or corrected bugs I see are please add if you see more: Is this intentionally or a mistake?

When you want to record a list of words, you provide it with this list, you specify what language you are pronouncing and you just start recording. These are inherited from GEMET and other sources, where the same meaning could not be entered with several synonyms in one language.


In Omegawiki, we want these split. Couldn't a bot do that? The best would be a human-assisted bot that can reduce the work to do this to one mouseclick, something like Flaccus Interwiki-Link-Checker -- Mkill I believe there has been some work on a general OmegaWiki bot, but I'm sure GerardM has more details if there are any.

Reading the archived beer parlours I noticed that there was a previous discussion about readings for Japanese words. Some people argued that it should be enough with adding the hiragana reading as an extra synonym.

pywikipediabot re write a sentence

This is of course not enough. There were some examples then, but they were a little hard to follow, so I would like to add a concrete problem.

As you might know, Japanese have a number of different pronouns technically they are supposed to be nouns used depending on the social relationship between speakers. I added a few to the DM for I: Apparently there will be a pronounciation field in the future which might be possible to adapt, but in the case of Japanese, it is of outmost importance that you can search on the hiragana as well as the kanji.

Searching with pinyin in Chinese could be seen as a similar problem, but I'd say that pinyin is equivalent with serching for Japanese in romaji.

And then you have the problems of different transliteration schemes: Any information on what is the current status in this matter would be very appreciated. This needs to be worked out before adding a lot of Japanese to the dictionary.

Various transliteration schemes exist also from non-latin scripts to latin script, which depend on the target language, and in part on time in hitory. At least for proper names, imho including them in Omegawiki is unavoidable. Similar but less complicated: For many, if not all, local languages of the Rhineland in Europe, there are two or more, in part quite distinct, orthographies.

Varying in extent, some or of them have published wordbooks. Du musst nicht immer mit Koelsch anfangen wenn wir ueber Japanisch reden.

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Das hier hat mit Rheinischen Dialekten genau gar nichts zu tun. Wir sind hier doch kein Karnevalsverein.SentencesSentence examples Rewrite Sentence Examples You can even rewrite classic Christmas songs like "The 12 Days of Christmas" and "'Twas the Night before Christmas" for your own personal use at parties or holiday get-togethers.

Wikidata:Project chat/Archive// From Wikidata re-thought as it seems to confuse some users. I don't know the exact rules on or but I'm almost certain that the sentence "Václav Klaus is a Czech male politician whose. We're now getting ready to bring Notifications to almost all other Wikimedia sites, and are aiming for a 22 October deployment, as outlined in this release plan.

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Start This article has been rated as . Aug 21,  · Hello, I would like to rewrite the following sentence, but could not think of any better way. "A classifier predicts the class of an unknown example by rules (boundaries) that are induced from the training examples to discriminate the classes in the training examples.".

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