Slim fast and weight loss essay

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Slim fast and weight loss essay

Their study had two phases. The first phase was a prospective study that lasted three months and compared two diet plans to determine which produced better weight loss results, as described below.

The second phase lasted two years and studied the maintenance of one diet plan, also described below. The participants in this study were men and women over the age of 18 with body mass indexes between 25 and 40 who were dissatisfied with previous calorie-restriction diets.

Prior to phase 1 of the study, the participants were randomly assigned to either group A, which contained 41 female and 9 male participants, or group B, which contained 38 female and 12 male participants.

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All participants received monthly instruction and feedback from a nutritionist concerning food choices, meal planning, portion sizes, and the construction of a food diary. During both phases, both groups were instructed to eat three meals and two snacks daily.

Participants in group A selected their own meals and snacks from regular food. Participants reported monthly for weighing and measuring. At the end of phase 1, men in group A lost 1.

At the end of phase 2, both groups lost weight at approximately the same rate. At the end of the study, group A had lost 5. A total of 37 participants dropped out of the study for various reasons, but this did not significantly affect the results of the study.

This study also addressed the decrease of certain risk factors for disease, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, that accompany weight loss. The prospective study took place in two time frames: The participants in this study were 71 mildly obese males with an average age of Participants received minimal nutritional information and feedback during the study.

The participants reported weekly for weighing and rated the taste, appetite satisfaction, convenience, overall rating, general well-being, and energy level of the weight loss program.

After the first 12 weeks, 35 participants who lost less than nine pounds during the first time frame were considered non-adherent and were excluded from the study. The participants reported bi-weekly for weighing. At the end of the week time period, the men in the study lost The women in the study lost A significant number, After one year, participants remained in the study: After two years, participants remained in the study: The weight loss also provided benefits, such as lowering cholesterol levels.

The participants were members of the National Weight Control Registry NWCRover the age of 18, had lost over 30 pounds, and had kept the weight off for at least one year.

Through questionnaires, the researchers gathered background data from the participants: The questionnaires also gathered information concerning the recent weight loss that qualified the individual for the study: The participants rated the perceived level of difficulty of losing the weight and the level of difficulty of maintaining the weight loss on a scale of one to seven.

Slim fast and weight loss essay

Further questions determined the dietary strategies that the participants used for their weight-loss maintenance: An Eating Inventory further assessed dieting behavior. The On Own group had greater difficulty in losing the weight, mostly likely due to the lack of professional instruction, and reported the least difficulty in maintaining the weight loss.Slim-Fast® and Weight Loss Essays More about High-Protein Diets For Weight Loss Essay.

Best Weight Loss Smoothies Essay Words | 3 Pages; The High Protein Diet Controversy Essay example Words | 11 Pages; The Hazards of High Protein, Low Carbohydrate Diets Essay. Free Essay: Slim-Fast® and Weight Loss A Little History Lesson According to Good Housekeeping, the liquid diet drink trend began in the early ’s, with.

Slim-Fast can be used long term to slowly and effectively lose weight.

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Sugiuchi: There are the weight loss standbys, like Slim-Fast and Herbalife. Some liquid supplements that used to be used mostly in hospitals to help people gain or maintain weight when ill, like.

A Study Supporting Slim-Fast